Our writing skills cover a wide range of requirements and target audiences. Are you ….

  • Business organisation

    A business organisation needing to prepare your Annual Report, Strategic Plan, Corporate Plan, copy brief for marketing purposes, or even a letter requiring special attention to detail and accuracy?

    Do you need simply a proof reading of existing documents?

    StandOutReport can give all of these and any other writing requirements you may require the polish and accuracy that will lift them to a new level. Your written product says a great deal about the capacity of your business – sloppy grammar, typos, confusing structuring of content, over-use of jargon – all send a very poor message to your current and potential clients.

    StandOutReport works with a range of small, medium and large business organisations across a range of industry sectors.

  • Government Organisation

    A government organisation needing a report written based on a draft, or even a collection of different items to shape a report? A policy statement? A report of evaluation findings?

    The StandOutReport team have produced hundreds of reports over the past thirty years for federal, state/province and local governments. These include reports of evaluation findings, research reports written to inform policy, statements of policy, and reports of consultation findings. These have been written specifically for government Ministers, senior and middle level policy officers and the target audiences of their policies (such as young people, older people, people from non English speaking backgrounds).

  • Not For Profit Organisation

    A not for profit organisation with a limited budget but needing help with business related reports, service related reports or statements of service?

    StandOutReport has been working with not for profit and non government organsiations for more than thirty years. We understand your resourcing issues and your need to present your reports in a particular way. We have also written material for your clients, particularly in the aged care sector, disability sector and youth services sector, and for organisations working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Organisation Or Someone With Survey Data

    An organisation or someone with survey data who needs the findings presented clearly and meaningfully without sending readers to sleep?

    A key skill of the StandOutReport team is the ability to present survey findings clearly and coherently, linking them so that the overall report is a narrative but one that captures all relevant details. We can provide the report using a combination of words, graphs, and tables working across Word and Excel files.

  • Research-Related Organisation

    A research-related organisation needing a review of the literature and a report that presents the findings in an interesting but comprehensive way? A report pulling together survey findings?

    StandOutReport's academic team have Ph Ds and more than three decades of experience in preparing research reports. We can present information as a discussion paper or as a more formal research report.

  • Aged Care Organisation needing research or policy-informed writing?

    Dr Kate Barnett OAM has provided research, evaluation and policy-informed writing for aged care providers, aged care peak bodies and aged care advocacy bodies since the late 1980s. Further information is provided in our Experience and Expertise section.

  • An organisation, such as a Technology Provider, needing to better understand the needs of older people?

    Stand Out Report has worked with many technology providers, housing providers and other businesses who can benefit from an ageing population. We can provide research evidence to inform the design and application of your product, and we can link you to organisations that specialise in co-design with older people.

    Further information is provided in our Experience and Expertise section.

  • A university or aged care provider wanting to establish or improve the Teaching Nursing Home model?

    Dr Kate Barnett OAM is a nationally and internationally recognised expert on this model (also known in Australia as TRACS -Teaching Research Aged Care Services) and received a Churchill Fellowship to gain a deeper understanding of this model internationally.

    Further information is provided in our Experience and Expertise section.


StandOutReport will treat all of your information with the strictest confidence. We are happy to sign confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements to that effect, and will delete all information pertaining to the report once our work is completed and our payment has been received.

Any documentation you send to us will be viewed only by the writer assigned and the administrative coordinator.

You retain full ownership, copyright and IP during and after the report preparation.

The information about you and your organisation is not shared with any third party.

Your data and information are protected as our website is secured by SSL encryption.

Providing information to us to prepare your report

Our preference is for you to provide documents in Microsoft Word (or Word for Mac).