Stand Out Report is COTA SA’s go-to place for grant submissions and reports.

We had great confidence recently to engage Stand Out Report on behalf of our COTA Federation to prepare a major national funding application. Stand Out Report’s Principal and Director, Dr Kate Barnett, is way more than a writer. Her great knowledge of issues and people combined with her thorough, timely and comprehensive understanding of ageing, CALD, policy, health and aged care make her the best possible ally when it comes to preparing successful reports and applications.

Jane Mussared, Chief Executive, Council on the Ageing, SA



Helping Hand Aged Care has been working with Kate Barnett for more than 15 years, in which time we have commissioned evaluations, and more recently – since she established Stand Out Report – a range of writing-related projects. Currently, this involves preparing a series of articles on our research and other work for publication in leading journals.

Kate is a pleasure to work with, and spends time understanding client requirements. She has a genuine approach to understanding what the client is trying to achieve, and is easy to communicate with and prompt in responding to any queries or concerns. She brings a wealth of expertise working with the service industry especially related to ageing, and the intersect between research/teaching in aged care and multicultural challenges. Kate is well connected and networked, and able to access different pathways to expertise.

Kate’s reports are always easy to read, using graphics and other formatting which enhance the readability. In addition, Kate Barnett value adds through her expertise and intelligent approach, assisting clients to get the best from her work.

Megan Corlis, Director, Research and Development, Helping Hand Aged Care

Helping Hand


The Office for the Ageing (OFTA) has worked with Kate Barnett on numerous occasions over the years. Most recently we commissioned Stand Out Report to assist us with writing and editing of OFTA’s Policy Statement for housing opportunities presented by an ageing population – Housing for Life: Designed for Living. See report here: 

Kate quickly grasped our business needs and delivered a high quality product. She worked closely with us to ensure we received what we wanted, in a timely and extremely professional way.

Jeanette Walters, Director Intergovernment Relations and Ageing, SA Office for the Ageing


I have had the privilege of working with Dr Kate Barnett from Stand Out Report on a number of projects and would highly recommend her work.

Recently I worked with Kate Barnett when she was part of a team led by Prof Karen Reynolds from the Medical Device Research Institute at Flinders University that was commissioned by the Aged Care Industry IT Council to develop Australia’s first Technology Roadmap for Aged Care. She was the Lead Writer and prepared the Literature Review for this project, and worked with other team members to design the Roadmap. With very tight timeframes and an extremely complex array of considerations in the project, Kate Barnett worked effectively across internal and external stakeholders to provide a quality end result for our project.

Indeed, her work was of such high quality that we are hoping to contract her for various other projects in the near future, not only for her writing ability, but because she has remarkable attention to detail and works at outstanding pace on very complex tasks. On a recent project, she not only met every tight deadline but delivered 95% of the time well ahead of set timeframes.

Kate Barnett’s high level research skills and comprehensive understanding of the landscape of policy, funding, and program delivery across a range of social settings in Australia is unrivalled and makes her a very valued resource for any project. I would, and have recommended, Kate and her Stand Out Report company to others who are interested in obtaining high quality support and assistance with leading edge research projects.

Link to the Roadmap: 

Anne Livingstone, Chair, ACIITC National Home Care Committee



Dr Kate Barnett is an amazing researcher and writer with a rare ability to present complex information in an accessible and engaging prose style.

SAHMRI commissioned Stand Out Report to write a Discussion Paper, based on a review of research on wellbeing and resilience in older people and connecting findings to theories of ageing. The end result was a rigorous and comprehensive report that we refer to regularly in the development of new wellbeing programs for older Australians.

David Kelly, Project Lead, Wellbeing and Resilience Centre



Life Care commissioned Stand Out Report to write a Discussion Paper, based on a review of current research on Baby Boomers’ expectations of ageing and the role of aged care services.

The report was excellent, well written and easy to read and understand. It allowed us to use the findings and recommendations to start discussions with our Board, Executive and staff on what services and how we might provide them in the future. Kate Barnett also attended a Board meeting to provide further explanations and insight. We were very impressed with Kate’s knowledge and her ability to capture and translate what we were wanting.

Deborah Muldoon, General Manager Innovation & Service Development, LifeCare



ACH group recently commissioned Stand Out Report to evaluate our innovative Muslim Aged Care Project. Dr Kate Barnett did a great job of understanding the project, collecting and analysing the data, working with stakeholders, and came up with a Report that was easy to read and practical, while also addressing some of the future issues that are confronting the Muslim community and ACH Group.

ACH Group has worked with Kate Barnett for many years (as have I in other capacities), drawing on her experience in research and evaluation, her knowledge of ageing and aged care, as well as her writing skills.

The above results are not surprising as Kate continually brings these sorts of results into all the work that she does. It is a continual pleasure working with her in evaluating both projects and programs.

Jeff Fiebig, General Manager, Strategy & Partnership, ACH Group



The MCCSA recently commissioned Stand Out Report to evaluate our major capacity building program Successful Communities. We have worked with Kate Barnett for many years, drawing on her experience in research and evaluation, as well as her writing skills. Kate is easy to work with and has many years of experience in community, governments and tertiary sectors both locally and interstate.

This experience provides her with a broad understanding of the community sector ensuring that she is able to capture the appropriate information and write to her audience. Her reports are easy to read and relevant for funding bodies and Boards to utilise in evaluating and planning future work. Kate is highly professional and able to adapt to meet specific client needs.

Helena Kyriazopoulos, CEO, Multicultural Communities’  Council of SA



We recently commissioned Stand Out Report to edit and restructure our Strategic Plan.

The quality of work was high, increased its readability for the appropriate level of its audience, and the level of service was prompt and professional, with very tight turn around deadlines.

Ian Law, Chief Executive Officer, Relationships Australia Queensland



Southern Cross Care (SA+NT) worked with StandOutReport on our latest ACAR grant application (2016). It was a smooth, professional, and timely process – Dr Kate Barnett’s ‘value add’ brought our application to a new level, and we all learned a lot from her breadth of experience in aged care.

Anne Hooper, Director Strategy, Southern Cross Care (SA&NT)

Southern Cross


Stand Out Report recently wrote a grant submission for Finding Workable Solutions. The writing was clear and fluent and delivered within tight timeframes. They have also prepared and distributed Press Releases for us and these too were written to a high standard. We highly recommend them for quality writing requirements.

Wojtek Swietek, Chief Executive Officer, Finding Workable Solutions

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Stand Out Report was contracted recently to produce an Options Paper, ‘Developing a National Voice for Elder Abuse’ for an Australian wide network of elder abuse services. The report was comprehensive, accessible and well structured. It had a clear summary and more detailed material in appendices so the audience could read at depth or quickly. The report reflected consultations within the network, key external stakeholders and expert resources. Stand Out Report provided regular drafts on topic areas which kept the project moving within its short time frame. They were reliable, met tight timelines and were responsive in researching queries as they arose. They were very sensitive to the Project Steering Committee’s views and a delight to work with.

  • Seniors Rights

Jenny Blakey, Manager, Seniors Rights Victoria

Workforce Planning Global have had a strong and continuous working relationship with StandOutReport for more than 35 years. During this time we have consistently received outstanding professional work and excellent customer service. They produce clear, accurate, intelligent and user friendly reports which often address complex issues. They also understand client requirements from all perspectives: business, government, academia, not-for-profit, SME and large organisations. Current best practice is always applied in each report and their team are a delight to work with. StandOutReport has won the respect and trust of their diverse global clients. Workforce Planning Global plan to continue our working relationship with them into the future.

  • Workforce Planning Global

Julie Sloan, Managing Director, Workforce Planning Global


Stand Out Report recently wrote a grant submission for Finding Workable Solutions. The writing was clear and fluent and delivered within tight timeframes. They have also prepared and distributed Press Releases for us and these too were written to a high standard. We highly recommend them for quality writing requirements.

Wojtek Swietek, Chief Executive Officer, Finding Workable Solutions

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Stand Out Report produce research reports that are clearly written and coherently structured. They are able to analyse and present complex ideas and issues in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. From a customer service perspective, their communication throughout the research and writing process makes for a very effective working relationship and ensures the end product is fit for purpose.

Dr Tabatha Griffin, Senior Research Officer, National Centre for Vocational Education and Research