Welcome to Stand Out Report

Welcome to StandOutReport, a customised writing service giving you high quality writing, including reports, to add value to your written product. We can …

  • Create reports from scratch if you provide draft content (even from multiple sources such as, in compiling an Annual Report).
  • Prepare brief documents, such as, Press Releases.
  • Rewrite and restructure reports or other documents that require expert help.

We realise that few people enjoy writing, and even less are skilled writers.

Our talented team at StandOutReport are recognised for their skill in writing for a wide range of audiences, and for writing with precision and grammatical accuracy.

We are also acknowledged for our ability to structure the most challenging reports so that their content is easily read and their essential messages are not lost.

In fact, putting together complex material in a user friendly but logical way is a particular skill that has been honed over more than 30 years.

In addition, our team includes qualified and experienced editors, and all of our writers are expert in proof reading and editing for accuracy and readability.

We are also known for our reliability.

We specialise in writing and research that is focused on Ageing and Aged Care.

StandOutReport brings together an expert writing team who have been crafting reports since the mid-1980s and some of our long standing clients have provided testimonials below.